CRAFT: Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training

What is CRAFT?

CRAFT is a network of farmers. It’s informal, simple, and free for member farms. CRAFT is open to anyone who is interested in continuing to learn the craft of agriculture.

How do I join?

Fill out the application online or print one to fill out at home. You can also call Amanda Kik at (231) 622-5252 or email her at amanda@artmeetsearth.org to sign up.

Do I have to be certified organic?

No. CRAFT is an opportunity for farmers of all kinds to learn from each other. Many members use ecological farming practices, and we support those practices whenever possible, but no certification or specific practice is required to participate.

What is required of member farms?

Two things: first, each farm must host one CRAFT event during this year’s growing season, on a date that works with your schedule. Second, each farm must allow time for interns, apprentices and other farm-learners to attend other CRAFT events—at least a few each season.

How do I host a CRAFT event?

Events must take place between May and November, and include three parts:

  • 1. a general farm tour
  • 2. a 30-60 minute demonstration of a farming skill that you employ. This doesn’t have to be complicated­; simple workshops can work just as well.
  • 3. a potluck meal

We’re happy to help you plan your workshop. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Are there fees?

If you host a CRAFT event, you are considered a “member farm” and there is no cost. Individuals who are not connected to a member farm can still attend farm tours for a recommended donation of $5-10/tour.

What if my farm doesn't have "interns"?


What if I'm interested in farming but I'm not connected to a farm?

Everyone is welcome! Don’t let the terminology stop you from joining. If you are interested in meeting and learning from other farmers, come on out.

What is the geographic boundary of CRAFT?

Roughly, northwest lower Michigan, the ten-county area. However, not every farm in the region will be within reasonable driving distance from other farms, so we encourage folks to attend those events that are closest to them.

How can I learn more?

Contact Amanda Kik at (231) 622-5252 or amanda@artmeetsearth.org.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our job is to make this work for you, so that together we can build a vibrant farm network!

CRAFT is supported with generous assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service NRCS logo

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